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Election 2018

Updated: Apr 09 18
 Created: Apr 09 18



Municipal council and school board elections will take place on Monday, October 22, 2018.


Are you on the list of voters for the upcoming municipal and school board elections?

Visit to confirm you’re on the list to vote.

If you have questions about the election process, please see the following guide for more detailed information:   Voters’ Guide


Are you thinking about running for council or school board trustee this year?

See the documents below for further information:

Candidates’ Guide

Nomination Information

Nomination Form – Form 1


You should also know,

Significant changes were made to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 after the 2014 municipal elections:

  • There are new rules regulating third party advertising. Please see the following guide for more information: Guide for Third Party Advertisers
  • Municipalities now have the option to used ranked ballots to elect their councils. However, the Township of BLR will not be using this option in 2018.
  • Nominations to run for municipal council or school trustee may be filed with the municipal clerk beginning May 1, 2018, and may be filed until 2 p.m. on July 27, 2018.
  • Candidates running for council in municipalities with more than 4000 electors must submit 25 endorsement signatures when they file their nomination. NOTE - Candidates in BLR Township will not be required to submit 25 endorsement signatures as we have less than 4000 electors.

2018 Official List of Certified Candidates

Updated: Jul 30 18
 Created: May 11 18

See attached document for the Official List of Certified Candidates for the 2018 Election.

So You Want to Run for Council?

Updated: May 14 18
 Created: May 14 18

See attached poster for more information. 

Making a Difference for Kids

Updated: May 16 18
 Created: May 16 18

Running for Election as a School Board Trustee? See attached guide for candidates and communities.