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Building & Septic

Updated: Mar 02 20
 Created: Mar 02 20



The Building Department reviews permit applications, issues permits and conducts inspections in accordance with the Ontario Building Code and the Municipal By-laws.  

Building Permit Applications, Planning Applications and Site Inspections During COVID-19

Updated: Sep 18 20
 Created: Sep 18 20

In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 and in keeping with Provincial Regulations and recommendations, necessary changes have been made to the operation of the Building and Planning Department.  Please see the attached LETTER regarding these changes.

New Building Code

Updated: Mar 02 20
 Created: Mar 05 14

The 2012 Building Code came into effect on January 1, 2014.  The new code requires better insulation R-values and the use of proper air and vapour barrier. 

To view the Ontario Building Code and the Building Code Act go to the website at

For information regarding any planned new building/renovation project and septic inquiries or questions regarding existing concerns, contact Mike Anderson, Chief Building Official, at 613-758-2061.

Building Permits

Updated: Feb 26 20
 Created: Feb 24 20

Projects That Require a Building Permit

A building permit is a commitment to safety.  The Ontario Building Code Act requires that you obtain a building permit before starting construction.  By applying for a building permit, you ensure that your project meets building code, fire, health and safety standards.

  • New buildings or structures greater than 10 square metres (108 sq. ft.) in total floor area, measured by the outside dimensions, or any size if they include services.  This includes sheds, sleeping cabins or other accessory buildings or structures, including sheds and shed packages purchased from a store.
  • Additions to existing buildings or structures
  • Renovations
  • New or replacement decks
  • Installation of wood burning applications, including new or replacement of existing components
  • Replacement of windows or doors if the rough opening size is enlarged
  • Relocation or addition of plumbing fixtures
  • Replacement of interior water supply or drain pipes
  • Installation of solar panels on new or existing structures that did or would require a permit (ex. over 108 sq. ft.)
  • Installation of swimming pools and fence enclosures
  • Replacing or adding new roof trusses
  • Permanent structure greenhouses
  • Quonset huts and pre-engineered metal buildings
  • Repair or replacement of all types of building foundations
  • NOTE:  Load bearing cement slabs for all houses or for garages greater than 576 sq. ft. require engineered design

Projects That DO NOT Require a Building Permit

The following do not require a building permit however you must still comply with the Township of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan Building By-Law and, if applicable, the Ontario Building Code.

  • Accessory buildings (1 storey) with a total floor area of 10 square meters (108 sq. ft.) or less.  NOTE:  Zoning Bylaw requirements must be followed.
  • Fences
  • Replacement of plumbing fixtures (toilet, sink, bathtub, shower, hot water tank) in their original locations
  • Replacement of windows or doors provided the rough opening size does NOT change
  • Replacement of shingles or other roofing materials, however if you are replacing or adding new roof trusses a building permit is required.

Authorization of Owner Form

Updated: Feb 26 20
 Created: Feb 24 20

If someone other than the property owner is applying for a Building Permit, a Demolition Permit, a Septic Permit or a Civic Address Sign on behalf of the property owner an Authorization of Owner Form must be completed.

Download Authorization Of Owner Form

Building Permit Application

Updated: Mar 02 20
 Created: Feb 19 15

Residents wishing to construct a new building, add to an existing building or conduct renovations (as shown in the Projects That Require Building Permits Section) must obtain a building permit prior to beginning any construction.

Please download and complete the Building Permit Application and submit it to the Municipal Office for processing.  The permit fee will be calculated by the Chief Building Official.  The fee must be paid prior to receiving the Building Permit.

For Fees of Building Permits please see below - Classes of Permits and Permit Fees.

Download Building Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Updated: Mar 02 20
 Created: Feb 26 20

Residents wishing to demolish any structure must obtain a Demolition Permit prior to demolition.

Please download and complete the Demolition Permit Application and submit it to the Municipal Office for processing.

Construction and demolition waste will be accepted ONLY at the Brudenell Waste Site.

For property owners, the Demolition Permit will be required to dispose of the waste at the Municipal landfill and must be presented to the Waste Site attendant upon entering.

For contractors, if you are taking construction/demolition material to the waste site, you must present a Contractors Authorization Permit upon entering.  Go to the Waste Management page to download the Contractors Authorization Permit.

Demolition Permit Fee:  $30.00

Download Demolition Permit Application

Septic Permit Application

Updated: Sep 18 20
 Created: Feb 26 20

In accordance with Part 8 - Sewage Systems of the Ontario Building Code all new septic systems, alterations or repairs to septic systems require a permit.  Residents wishing to install, alter or repair a septic system must obtain a Septic Permit prior to beginning any project.

Only contractors registered with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing may install septic systems.

Please follow the below Septic Permit Instructions then download and complete the Septic Permit Application, Proposed Design Site Plan, Proposed Sewage System Design and As Built Site Plan and submit all documents, along with the Septic Permit Fee, to the Municipal Office for processing.

Septic Permit Fee:  $250.00

Download Septic Permit Instructions

Download Septic Permit Application

Download Proposed Design Site Plan

Download Proposed Sewage System Design

Download As Built Site Plan

Civic Address Sign

Updated: Mar 02 20
 Created: Feb 24 20

Civic Address Signs are available through the Municipal Office.  Please fill out the Civic Address Request Form and submit it with payment to the Municipal Office.

Prior to applying for a civic address sign please ensure that you have applied for an Entrance Permit and that your driveway is clearly identified to measure.  Entrance Permits are available through the Roads Superintendent.  To download the Entrance Permit Application go to the Public Works page.  

Civic Address Sign Fee:  $35.00 (which includes sign and installation)

Download Civic Address Request Form

Zoning Bylaws & Schedules

Updated: Feb 24 20
 Created: Feb 24 20

Brudenell and Lyndoch Zoning Bylaw - Bylaw #87-08

Brudenell Zoning Bylaw Schedule A

Lyndoch Zoning Bylaw Schedule B

Raglan Zoning Bylaw - Bylaw #2-83

Raglan Zoning Bylaw Schedule A

Raglan Zoning Bylaw Schedule B

Raglan Zoning Bylaw Schedule D

Raglan Zoning Bylaw Schedule E

Classes of Permits and Permit Fees

Updated: Feb 26 20
 Created: Feb 24 20

Schedule "A" to By-law No. 2005-17 respecting Classes of Permits and Permit Fees

Class of Permit                                                                                          Fee

A.  Residential Building Permit                                                                0.30c/sq. ft.   ($150.00 minimum)

B.  All Other Buildings                                                                               0.20c/sq. ft.   ($85.00 minimum)

C.  Porches & Decks                                                                                  0.12c/sq. ft.   ($85.00 minimum)

D.  Carports                                                                                                0.20c/sq. ft.   ($85.00 minimum)

E.  Additions, Alterations and Renovations                                           0.24c/sq. ft.   ($150.00 minimum)

F.  Mobile Homes                                                                                       0.17c/sq. ft.   ($85.00 minimum)

G.  Swimming Pools                                                                                   $100.00

H.  Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Building Permit                     0.22c/sq. ft.   ($150.00 minimum)

I.  Hay and Machine Sheds (with earthen floors)                                  0.08c/sq. ft.   ($85.00 minimum)

J.  Truss Arch Structures                                                                            0.12c/sq. ft   ($85.00 minimum)

K.  Demolition Permit                                                                                $30.00

L.  Change of Use Permit                                                                          $75.00

M.  Septic Permit                                                                                        $250.00

N.  Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan Municipal Buildings                     No Fee